EVERY SUNDAY from April 3rd through November 20th
8 am to 1 pm - Behind Stafford Hospital
The North Stafford Farmers Market Mission is:

To provide local producers the opportunity to sell their goods directly to consumers in a positive & relaxed atmosphere

Offer customers a diverse array of locally produced foods, plants & products

Encourage the start up of new businesses and growth of existing businesses
to have a positive impact on the local economy

North Stafford Farmers Market
In accordance with Stafford County Regulation, NO DOGS (except service dogs) 
are allowed at the Farmers Market. 
Sorry for any Inconvenience
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Annual Holiday Market
Sunday, December 18th
8 to 1 - Behind Stafford Hospital

If you make, bake or grow a product within 125 miles of Stafford County 
and are interested in being part of the Holiday Market, please contact us.